Marianne Saunders

As a club we are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for members of our club (volunteers, players, personnel, families, spectators) and the wider community and are committed to implementing practices in line with guidance available from Sport Australia, Football Federation Australia, Football Victoria, our local council, the Victorian State Government and other relevant authorities applicable to our club.
We also acknowledge the directions imposed by the Victorian State Government will be followed as we undertake football activities during the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, and we commit to adhering to the latest advice from Football Victoria and the Victorian State Government in this regard.
It is important to Traralgon Olympians Soccer Club to lead and promote a strong culture of COVID-19 safety for the health and wellbeing of participants and the broader community.

  • You must ensure participants, coaches, club/association personnel, parents, permitted spectators, etc. are 1.5 metres apart as much as possible.
To ensure physical distancing, our club/association will:
  • Have COVID signage and game marshals ensure the 1.5 metre physical distancing
  • Zone training areas to limit intermingling between training groups
  • Limit use of seats, toilet or changing cubicles to meet required state requirements
  • Signpost entry and exit points to limit congregation at the start and end of training
  • Limit the number of participants to the minimum required to play
  • Displaying signs to show patron limits at the entrance of enclosed areas where limits apply (e.g. canteen or change room)
Our club/association has the following indoor spaces:
  • Canteen – Max 3
  • Bar – Max 2
  • Club rooms – Max 30
  • Players change rooms – Max 14
  • Toilets (density quotient: Max 1 except if an adult accompanying a child/ren)
  • We will provide/require the following training and guidance to our personnel/volunteers:
  • Free online COVID -19 infection control training

  • When required by state law the wearing of face masks will be enforced unless they have a lawful reason for not doing so.
To ensure all participants when required wear a face mask, our club/association will:
  • Have COVID signage with this information and match marshals to supervise
  • Ensure a supply of disposable face masks are available for the use of all participants/attendees at all training sessions and matches
  • Install screens or barriers, where necessary
  • Provide information to participants around washing reusable masks each day, and changing disposable masks at least once per day

  • Traralgon Olympians Soccer Club have in place measures to encourage both hand hygiene of players, spectators and members. Additional hygiene measures for cleaning of public areas e.g.  Clubrooms, change rooms, toilets and canteen will ensure the venue and facility maintain good hygiene on the premises. Cleaning schedules will be documented in this COVID Safe Plan.
To ensure that our club/association and all personnel and participants practise good hygiene, our club/association will:
  • Display posters to encourage good hygiene and handwashing practises in prominent places
  • Clean facilities, high-touch surfaces and objects with detergent and disinfectant. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on the label of the product. 
  • Provide Alcohol based hand rub at entry and exit points and at canteen
  • Have hand soap available in all toilets and bathrooms and ensure hand soap and sanitiser dispensers are regularly refilled and always available for participants and personnel
  • Ensure that cleaning products and disinfectants are accessible to participants and personnel
  • Have a cleaning/disinfecting schedule for high touch surfaces at the venue as well as for equipment
  • Ensure that one or more personnel from your club or association undertakes infection control training
  • Display a cleaning log (or request the facility owner does so) in shared spaces such as toilet

  • Traralgon Olympians Soccer Club will ensure that they maintain an attendance register for every person that attends for a period of more than 15 minutes (including participants, personnel, parents and other permitted spectators).
Our club/association will keep records of all attendees in the following way:
  • Via  the state government QR code check in system that can be scanned on entry
  • Records to be kept for 28 days
If a worker, participant or volunteer who is a confirmed case of COVID-19 attends our venue/facility while they are infectious, our response plan is:
  • Notify the department of Health and Human Services to commence contact tracing.
  • Notify all patrons and those who have been in close contact with a confirmed case
  • Notify the confirmed case that they are to isolate until told otherwise by DHHS
  • Clean the premises with disinfectant especially those where the positive case was most active (eg canteen)

  • In Victoria, employers have OHS duties and obligations to do what is reasonably practical to provide a working environment that is safe and without risks to the health of workers or other visitors/participants.
  • As part of creating a safe working environment that addresses risks associated with potential exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19), venues and facilities should have a plan in place to minimise the amount of interactions conducted in enclosed spaces and maximise ventilation, air quality and use of outdoor spaces.
  • Where the use of indoor spaces is required (for example entrances and bathrooms) venues/facilities should have a plan to minimise the amount of interactions conducted and maximise ventilation, air quality and use of outdoor spaces.
To minimise interactions in enclosed spaces, our club/association will:
  • Limit interactions indoors
  • Provide masks and gloves for volunteers working in the canteen and bar
  • Ensure volunteers working in bar and canteen have open windows and doors where possible to maximise ventilation
  • Allow more time for changing, and consider staggering change times where practicable
  • Encourage participants to change at home and limit use of toilet facilities
  • Restrict and control access to shower facilities
  • ‘Workforce bubbles’ can help reduce the risk of infection and support contact tracing initiatives. A ‘workforce bubble’ in the football context is a defined group – coaching staff, necessary health/training staff, participants – who limit their in-person interactions to other members of the group.
  • This reduces the number of individuals that each person comes into contact with, rather than the number of interactions. This would contain any positive COVID-19 cases to a confined group within your club/association.
Our club/association will create a ‘bubble’ by:
  • Separating training times and age groups across grounds
  • Reducing the number of unnecessary contacts at training consistent with state legislation
  • Clean all equipment after each practice or match
  • Use clearly marked training zones to maintain consistent training groups
  • Minimise any player movement between teams or squads
  • Advise participants and personnel not to carpool to training/matches
  • Limit shared equipment to one training group
  • Clean shared equipment between sessions or if it is to be used/rotated to another training group

  • The following resources will be available to assist your club to comply with Government restrictions.
    • Federal Department of Health, Online Infection Control Training
    • Victorian Department of Education and Training, Skills Gateway – Infection Control training
    • Victorian Government Coronavirus website, Creating a COVIDSafe workplace
    • Victorian Government Coronavirus website, COVIDSafe Plan
    • Victorian Government Coronavirus website, Industry Restart Guidelines: Community Sport and Recreation (October 2020)
    • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Coronavirus information posters
    • Federal Department of Health, Coronavirus information posters and resources
    • Federal Department of Health, Translated coronavirus information posters and resources